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A unique, modern, patient-centred practice model

Manning Family Medicine is an innovative clinic that has minimal staff, facilities and equipment. This allows Dr. Manning to offer a personal experience, focused on your health and wellbeing, not the clock. In our clinic, technology allows us to offer efficient, patient-focused care that is comprehensive, collaborative, and connected, both virtually and in-person.


A commitment to use the online scheduler, email portal and online form completion is required. When you arrive, please have a seat in the waiting room and Dr. Manning will greet you as soon as possible.



The clinic is small. Please be mindful of noise and leave large items in your car as our office is quite compact.

IN-PERSON: Please seat yourself in the waiting room; Dr. Manning will greet you at the time of your appointment.

VIRTUAL VISIT: Your doctor would have sent you an invitation to join Medeo, our secure patient portal; you must accept the invitation and follow the instructions. Sign up and verify your details on Medeo at least one day before your appointment to avoid delays. Please be ready in a quiet and confidential space at least five minutes before your scheduled appointment.



Please wear clean footwear or use shoe-covers provided. This helps keep the clinic clean for everyone's enjoyment and wellbeing.


Please provide your OHIP number and an up to date medication list. Your pharmacist can provide this, or you can bring your medication(s) with you.


Please complete your pre-visit questionnaire sent to your email, and accessible via Medeo. This helps Dr. Manning best attend to your needs during your visit.


Your provider aims to run on time. If you are late, your visit may be cancelled and a charge may apply. Please allow a 30 minute buffer given the unpredictable nature of this work.


Please review Dr. Manning's policies to ensure Manning Family Medicine is a good fit for you.