Messaging at Beacon Family Medicine

made easy

Enjoy the speed and ease of direct electronic communication with your family doctor thanks to secure electronic patient messaging. Connect with your health care provider from anywhere. 



Administrative concerns and abnormal, but non-urgent or serious results are communicated via a secure messaging service called Medeo, accessible through your computer, smartphone or tablet. This messaging service meets all federal and provincial security and privacy standards. When a Medeo message is sent from a provider to a patient, an email notification will alert the patient to log in and retrieve the message. If a patient forgets their password, they may retrieve it here. If not successful, contact Medeo to have your account reset.

What If You Have Administrative Concerns?


The fastest way to get in touch with Dr. Manning for administrative issues is by email. Phone calls will be returned within 2 business days. No medical issues are discussed outside an office visit; forms require an appointment for completion.