Virtual Medicine


Secure, electronic video appointments provide a more rich experience for both the physician and the patient, enabling an improved standard of care from voice-only virtual care.



In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, since March 2020, the Government of Ontario has compensated family physicians to use virtual care platforms, thus allowing patients to continue to receive essential health services even during lockdown measures. This innovative solution has not only kept patients and health care providers safe during the pandemic, but it has also enhanced collaboration and continuity of care for routine Family Medicine concerns. We embrace this opportunity to provide enhanced care for patients, and hope that the Government of Ontario will continue to offer this progressive option for patients and health care providers, beyond the pandemic.

How is Manning Family Medicine Delivering Virtual Health Care?

Manning Family Medicine uses Medeo, a simple, free and secure platform that allows physicians and patients to conduct video appointments. It can be accessed from PC and Mac based products both as a desktop and smartphone based application. Once an appointment is booked with a specific provider, the patient will be able to access the video appointment in the Medeo app at the scheduled date and time.

Please note, not all issues and concerns can be attended to virtually and the decision to use this tool will be made by your provider. Further, virtual appointments are subject to specific rules which will be detailed in the pre-visit consent and questionnaire. Both are required to be completed to proceed with virtual medical care.